Bandung Bike Babes

“The next time you come to Bandung, contact us and we’ll go for a ride around town or maybe even further. There are only women in this group. So, if you say ‘No’, there’s something wrong with you!” one of the members of Nu Gareulis Ngagowes (NGN) cheekily told us guys. Needless to say, we’ll definitely hook up with them in our next trip to Bandung. Yeah, NGN (loosely translated from Sunda dialect: ‘pretty ones cycling’) consists of avid female cyclists who love the freedom on unmotorised two wheelers. Founded ini January last year, it now has about 150 members, and is growing. The youngest member is eight years old while the most senior ones are their 60s. NGN leader, Dewi Gilang Kurnia said the idea was formed after she and a few female cycling enthusiast friends decided to form a group to (safely) do outdoor recreational activities together. “Many of our members ride bicycles to their respective workplaces. I do it too, sometimes… a 20km journey, one way,” she proudly proclaimed. Respect!

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