And I Still Remember You

I recall her as a narrowed eyes girl. If it’s too racist, I may say she’s alike a Japanese artist named Yui. Moreover when she laughs. But, her smile is so sweet. Like a rainbow appears after the storm. Happiness!

I knew her under the same sky. Not far from the soft sandy beach. A very firm house with the snaky stair. At the window. Yes, at the window she gives her sweetest smile. The most gorgeous smile that brighten the day. The wind. Some appropriate waves. And I’m getting more steady to play with my surfing-board.

“I love the sun badly even if the hotness could kill me. I have no hate even its existence jails me in my room. I and she have not been a destiny yet. One day, when I am ready to dance and play some music with  her. Trust me.”

Your words are your choices. That’s the most beautiful sentence has ever come over my ear. Your reason not to be out of your house at the midday makes my tongue tied.  I am who use to challenge the sun , suddenly become a statue. And at that time, I am melting in front of her. So, I and she tried to find the best time.

… and the moon shine comes as the witness.

The time passes. And somehow I realize that this is the third summer. The narrowed eyes girl has gone. Her window is closed. The curtain has not been dancing softlu no more. The snaky stair and the firm house is also a silence. No words.

What I recall is, only our hands speak. Your hands said that from the window you could see me surfing. Seeing the spread of the jewels from the surface of the ocean. Then playing the strings of the guitar brought the beautiful tones to the corners of the shore. Dancing with the claps of the shells and the shine of the pearls. And our hands were only be able to wave. And then go far …

It’s hurt badly. The wave of the hand had ended everything. All of the sweets are melting under the hotness of the sun. The melody has gone. Expanding without any trail. Do we live in this world is only for someone? I hope someday I can hear your voice. With the smile of the rainbow.

And a piece of wind claps my face. It’s cold. []

“Kaze wa mou tumetai keredo,
natukashii sora no nioi ga shitanda.”

NB: Thanks to Beina Prafantya for the translation. Indonesian version please visit Advertiyha’s blog.

15 thoughts on “And I Still Remember You

  1. >> sedjatee : Jangan kapok ya … insya Allah selalu dicek yang masuk ke tong sampah kok, jadi dijamin tidak ada di sana lagi ^_^
    >> iyha : Hatur nuhun ya, Yha …

  2. >> jumialely : Rasanya gimana?
    >> Sya : What do you think?
    >> sedjatee : Alhamdulillah, semoga hadiahnya juga memberikan keberkahan pada Sejati sekeluarga ….

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